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WinTech Racing is a racing shell manufacturer based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.


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Warehouse Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I would never recommend working for this company. They don’t care what goes on with your family or that emergencies come up. They offer no benefits to temporary employees and no chance of being hired full time"

shipping (Former Employee) says

"I really disliked working for wintech..they never treated anyone fair and expected one person to do muti task jobs by prosnot fair, ungrateful"

Pad Printer (Former Employee) says

"I personally owned and operated this business for 3 years. It did not work out due to high over head and to many new resturants opening up in our county. I did everything in the operation process of this company from hiring to ordering. I loved owning and operating my own business but the money just was not there.being ownereconomy"

Shipping (Former Employee) says

"By far, Wintech was the best place I've worked as far as co-workers go. It was easy to work with others there, and everyone seemed to get along well. However, the management for my department was poor. The interviewer said that you would have 2 day weekends most weeks (which was untrue - I may have received a 2 day weekend twice in six months). HR told new hires that they would receive a wage increase after 90 days from starting with the temp agency, and would be accepted from the temp agency to the company within 30-60 days, which was also untrue. The company didn't accept new hires from the temp agency until around 90 days, and wouldn't give a wage increase for an additional 90 days. Supervision is verbally abusive (I'm not a snow-flake, I'm used to getting berated regularly by supervision in manufacturing - but this was entirely unacceptable). It made the environment incredibly discouraging. More than this, the shipping department would require non-CDL drivers to jockey trucks on the road, which is illegal. The company provided no outlet or encouragement to seek CDL certification. Ultimately, all other things aside, the reason I left was due to the high prices of their benefits. Being such a small company, they weren't able to pay much of the cheapest options for insurance. It could take as much as half of a 60 hour week check to pay for insurance alone, which was not sustainable for my family. I believe they have gone through some significant changes in management since I left, so certainly don't take my word as being final. However, given my experience, I wouldGreat co-workers, plenty of day shifts availablePoor benefits, poor management, illegal practices."

Assistente software (Former Employee) says

"Lavoro complicato, nessun margine di carriera, un buon lavoro se si è giovani e soli.Buoni pastoAmbiente malsano"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"not comfartable and no life in the company.i cant reach my goal and i cant do any thing after reaching my home etc..n/a3"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Extremely high turnover, low moral, abusive work culture and well below average compensation and time off. Apply if this is what you are looking for. They are always hiring."

Material fabricator. (Current Employee) says

"Used to be a great place to work until the new CEO took over. Started overworking the employees and never listened to feedback. Would not recommend for anyone."

Cassville Facility Manager (Former Employee) says

"Best engagement of employees I have seen at a manufacturing facility. The original employees are very knowledgeable of their processes and products and willing to ensure the products are completed at all costs. Computer systems and processes have not been adequately developed to support the business they are in. Management is currently going through a major change but they should have a good upper management team to make the necessary changes in their systems.Employee owned, decent compensationPoorly developed systems to support lead times"

Cost Accounting (Former Employee) says

"Busy environment, Lack of training Lack of support from management Big growth New production warehouse Lots of inventory - new sales order pending employee owned"

ENGINEER- DEVELOPMENT (Former Employee) says

"It was a good experience working with a start up company. New ideas, new people, new thoughts were shared for growth of a company. Worked closely with owners & management.Responsible for overall operations.No big team"

Lead Tester (Current Employee) says

"driving to various places in the UK, to work on building sites to test windows. Time management is very important. Reading and drawing up test packs and drawings."

Impiegata commerciale estero (Current Employee) says

"Piccola realtá poco strutturata e con scarso management. Tuttavia stipendi buoni e ambiente tranquillo."

Door line (Former Employee) says

"Really not that hard of a job. Alot of the time I spent looking and waiting for material. The other employees were nice. Alot of stress tho. Alot of running around.Easy workAlot of waiting"

Service Engineer (Current Employee) says

"• Installation of all kinds of printer, scanners etc.• Trouble shooting of errors occurred in printer• Installing and troubleshooting operating system• Installing System and Software for new Users• Installation of Anti Virus• Trouble shooting of errors occurred in PC• Assembling and disassembling of printers, scanners and computers• Installtaion of CCTV camerasnilnil" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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